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10 July 2015

The catastrophe of time

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The catastrophe of time, the anecdote of mankind has it’s upwards and downwards flaws and beauties, While Women the star in the pages of history determines the variation the versatility and the sensitivity along with courage, how? , because she the women is the combination of it all.

Societies are very complex collections of people, lifestyles and norms, behaviors’. Some societies are made by people and in some society made them. The collective contributions of individual verses the masses provide the result of a healthy society. Societies like Pakistan have always been one of the easiest triggered society because of variety of cultures, believes and behavior towards these differences. It all combined affects and creates a unique yet different atmosphere. It’s not just Pakistani society that creates an effect; it’s the beauty of versatility in the world that gives birth to amazing legendary setups all around the world.  And yet the messy setups as well.

When it lies to women being the focal point I disagree to agree that , Man is the point around which all forces lie , it’s not like nature made him the king if she did , the mother nature itself is the queen of queen and women is the queen , and what a king is without a queen ? An incomplete simply…

Hence , there re massive amount of examples to prove that men is the dominating factor the dictator of the society & specifically every society is beneath the power .where men’s are not expected to clean up women’s mess like they are expected to clean up theirs. Where their Cassandra like warnings are perceived to be reinforced by ‘devil images’ that arises from their conceptual foundation and the worst case analysis that each side so often uses to make sense of the others. Now, when the societies like Pakistan where we are still emerging, this factor does hold more authority than others.

Author : Anamta Moree



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