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10 September 2013

Men Should Learn To Respect Women, Says Veena Malik

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Veena Malik

Films and fashion are not the reason behind rising crimes against women in the country, believes actress Veena Malik. “Neither films, nor is modern culture liable to the rising crimes against women. It’s the mindset of men. It’s absurd to say that if a woman is wearing fashionable clothes then C2040-958 she is inciting a man to rape her. Also, no film preaches to misbehave with women,” said the actress.

Expressing her concerned over the derogatory status of women in the country, Pakistani200-120 actress said that every man should understand that a woman is also a human being and has the right to live her life in her own way.

“She has her own dreams, aspirations, ambitions and a way of living life. No society, country or community can deprive her of these basics or harm her dignity. It’s unfortunate that in the era of modernisation, women are still facing medieval customs. I’m a working woman and I’ve the right to enjoy my life in

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my way. If I follow a fashionable lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad girl,” she said.

“Everyday we read about acid attack, molestation, honour killing and the worst of all – gang rape. Being a woman, it’s an immense trauma for me to know about the cruel ways through
MB4-643 women are treating these days. It seems that there is no fear of law and order amongst the culprits,” added Veena.

In the wake of first Delhi and now Mumbai gang-rape, Veena said that besides laws, society needs to change to end this agony. “There should be a balance behavior between men and women. Every man should learn how to respect a woman. They should be educated about it. Similarly, a woman should know her limit and public behaviour.”

The actress said that rape is a universal crime. “It’s not that rapes don’t happen in Pakistan but the news of the heinous crime is often not flagged. Also, Pakistan is more conservative and traditional in its culture. Whereas in America, you would be surprised to know that most rapes happen there. So women safety is every country’s problem but society and people’s outlook can sort it out.”



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