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“Human voice is the most perfect instrument of all”

I Muhammad Ammad, Radio Jockey (RJ) and shows manager at KompisFM. Being the youngest one in the crew I believe there is no specific age to achieve or accomplish your desired arenas. I have completed a year with this incredible squad and still on my voyage. Public speaking or doing Radio is my passion and believing on my capacities and desire is what makes it a reality. Along with this I believe that life is very vibrant if one truly discerns. Arts and crafts, my first love! and has gradually become a shade of my vision. I believe if Allah Almighty blesses someone with an eminence, the individual must know how to carve it as well. With an exceptional interest in Naat recitals I stridden in by publishing my recordings on social media platform . A pen is the most commanding and powerful weapon, my interest in writings have led me to transcribe my own articles and get them published on news portals. Talents have no margins and limits but one gets to grace them completely if discovers them. From my practices and devotion I comfy young radio presenters of my age to step in the field and showoff their talent. I always believe and say that if one has set the marks and has assurance in it, no one can be an obstacle to success. Never think, the world will stay quite on your endeavor, people say a lot ,the thing that matters is what you listen!



Live // Kompis FM
  1. Live // Kompis FM