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19 October 2015

“Under Estimated” – A short film

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Under Estimated is a short film produced by Media Virtuation Films in association with Kompis FM. The film is directed and produced by Kompis FM’s founder Asif Pervez with a vision towards making films in future.


Underestimate is term that is famous with quote “Never Underestimate the power of common man”. The same thing about underestimated projected in short film “Under estimate”. It’s a story of two young individuals who took responsibility to stop a person involved in criminal activities. But both energetic guys plan to use their mind rather than using the weapons because they have a fair amount of idea they can’t beat that criminal via weapons.
One of them taken the liberty of hacking to account and data of that criminal via computer and they got succeed. But that bad guy who becomes victim of that hacking got the clue of this hacking and reached to meeting place of hackers and caught both of the hackers and the dream of stopping the crime via hacking become foggy and the confidence of that criminal made the fog more thick. And then one of the hacker killed by the guard of that hacking victim and other one taken in to the investigation room. But in the interrogation room that hacker showed some brilliance with not on with mind but also with hands and killed the criminal along with the guards. And that smile of hacker clearly giving the message to the dead bodies “Never underestimate”.

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